Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Challenge

I was reading some of my favorite blogs tonight and found a challenge I can't pass up. Kris and May are hosting a challenge to finish one project... a UFO or WISP (Work In Slow Process) or something new each month throughout the coming year. And it's open to any "soft craft", anything made from fabric, plus crocheting and knitting. You can find the rules on either link.

It should be fun, inspiring and there are prizes too!

Since my goals for 2009 already included finishing up as many of my UFO's as possible this seems like a good way to keep myself on track.

How about the rest of you? The more the merrier!!

1 comment:

karenfae said...

you are really coming along with the Dutch Treat blocks - way to go! I have not touched mine in a while - maybe some day. Right now I am back to DJ. Our weather is the same as yours, one day 70 the next 35 - wish it would be one or the other.