Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm sure I don't need to point out that since finishing my Dutch Treat #3 quilt last month, I really haven't had much to share in the way of quilting.  I've been doing a little bit of piecing, both by hand and by machine on a couple of different projects.  Nothing to stir great excitement.  Truth be told I'm feeling a bit of burn out.  I don't see myself giving up quilting by any means, but I think I may slow down even more for awhile.  I have some other projects I'd like to work on. 

I also am feeling like I need a break from blogland.  So if you don't see me on here for awhile don't assume the worst.  Now that I've announced I'm taking a break I suppose tomorrow something will happen that I just have to blog about.  Then again, maybe not. 

I'll still be reading blogs so I can stay in touch with my cyber friends. 

Wishing you all a happy and productive 2012 and I'll see you all later!


karenfae said...

I think we have all been in that spot Mary - feeling a little burned out and need a break. Have a good break and I will be thinking of you!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I agree Mary ---we all have been there! Have a great break getting up caught up.

We just took down the Christmas tree and pack up all the treasures we have collected for years. Next year it will fun decorating with them again.

Love looking at the pictures of your family from Christmas and your post about being together!

Many blessing to you and your family in our new year of 2012.

Carolyn :)

Cheryl Willis said...

everyone needs a break once in awhile! see ya when we see ya- cw

Crispy said...

See previous e-mail LOL.


LynCC said...

Hi Mary :) I took a few weeks off from blogging, too, other than throwing something up for BOMs Away folks. Enjoy your break. See you when you get back. :D