Sunday, December 4, 2011

Childhood Games

Trying to go to sleep last night I started thinking about the outdoor games we played in the 1950's and how sad it seems to me that my great-grands may never enjoy this kind of simple fun, preferring cableTV, computers and electronic games.
How many of you remember playing Fox and Geese after a nice big snow?
And just making huge snowmen and snow forts?

Or Red Rover in the warmer months?
Also Kick the Can?

Annie, Annie Over?

Crack the Whip?

Roller skating up and down the sidewalks and back and forth to school with our skate key on a string around our necks.  It was the height of fashion to make a braided chain out of yarn or string for your key.

Hour and hours spent in the municipal swimming pool playing Bird Catch (though I have no idea why we called it that or exactly what the rules were..basically a tag game).

What fun times we had growing up in a small Iowa town when it was safe for kids to be gone for hours without cell phones to keep in touch.  

Parents didn't have to max out credit cards to buy Christmas presents for us.  I even got the same doll for more than one Christmas.  I told that story here
In this picture my cousin Phyllis is holding that doll, with my sister and me sitting behind her.

Miss those simple days!
 Lastly, because this is a quilting blog..a couple of pics of the progress being made in quilting the borders on Dutch Treat #3.  Two borders done..two more to go and then bind the scalloped edge. !

Think I'll make it by the end of the year? "2011" is appliqued on the botton border, so I'd better



Glenn Dragone said...

Fun post.

Love that wallpaper in the last picture.

Quilt looks GREAT!

karenfae said...

wow do I ever remember those days! we lived out in the country with gravel driveways and such so no roller skates for me, didn't have a place to use them, but I came from a family of 12 kids - I was the 3rd eldest, didn't even have close friends - our brothers and sisters were our friends! - we had our own softball teams and space to place, built snow forts and had snow ball fights,made our own ice skating rinks - grew up next to Lake Michigan in WI - wow did we have the snow - we hardly ever even had a tv that worked - we played until after dark outside winter and summer!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos and memories. I grew up in the 1930-40s in downtown Cincinnati so I never got to build a snowman, but I had great sidewalks for skating and remember those roller skates with the skate key.

Sheila said...

We must be about the same age, because I remember almost all of those games. Love the border, it's like the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing, have a great week.