Monday, September 12, 2011


Dutch Gold  has been safely delivered to Paducah AQS headquarters to be shipped to Des Moines for the show the end of this month.  I still think I will feel like the country girl who goes to town wearing the wrong clothes when I see it hanging among the awesome quilts I know will be there.

It was a beautiful drive over to Paducah with good friends riding along for company.  We took in the AQS Museum of course.

Sorry we couldn't take pictures of the wonderful quilts on display.  I was particulary thrilled to be able to view up close the two beautiful quilts by Susan Stewart .  As I've mentioned before, Susan lives here in Pittsburg and I've seen several of her amazing quilts in person. 

I knew that "Gloria's Garden" won a purchase award last year so I wasn't surprised to see it hanging. But I was surprised to see "Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining" and learn that Susan donated it to the museum to thank them for the wonderful job they did producing the show following the flood in Paducah.
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining 

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Can you imagine giving away something you've put this much work into?  What a generous spirit Susan has.  The quilt takes your breath away! Please read about it here.

More beautiful weather this week. Hope you all have the same.


Barb said...


YOUR QUILT IS AWESOME!!!!!! It belongs on that wall with all of the other quilts!!!! Good luck!!

Cheryl said...

You go, country girl! OMG, what a quilt and to donate it!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is so gorgeous - it would be at home in any show.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine what it felt like to take your quilt to Paducah. You must be thrilled.

We did not make it to the Paducah show this year due to the flooding
I know that they are having a special event this weekend. But we will make it next spring.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.