Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quilting Progress

The first four rows are quilted. 
It's laying on top of another project I've been working on.

Trying to get quilting to show is always difficult.

I've received several siggies in the last couple of weeks.

Adrianne from the Netherlands
Marieke from the Netherlands

And sisters, Angela

and Deborah from South Australia

Receiving siggies makes me smile!


karenfae said...

you have been busy - the quilt is looking great.

Crispy said...

You are making good progress and that quilt underneath is really pretty :0) Have you sewn any of the siggys together yet?


Barb said...

It is coming along nicely...did I tell you how much I love this quilt....truly wonderful!!

Kelli said...

Your quilting is beautiful!! Hope you don't mind having a new follower. :) (I have family in Pittsburg, KS.. small world!)

Annette said...

This quilt will be a masterpiece with all the hand work you've done on it. What a treasure!

Donna said...

The quilt is looking just beautiful, Mary!