Friday, June 10, 2011

Row 8

More blocks and Row 8 of 14 is finished

Nappa Valley
Neutral Zone
(Design Opportunity....I miscut when trimming this block and got it off center.  Tom suggested adding the embroidery.  Works for me)

Night Light
Nine Patch
Row 8

Six more rows to go and the center applique is complete!

I also machine quilted a sofa sized top this week.  Will post a picture after I finish binding it.

Have a great weekend.


Barb said...

I hope you have a wonderful week-end as the blocks!

Yvette said...

WOW! You are just plowing through these with ease. They are just wonderful.

karenfae said...

you go girl! I can't believe how fast you do these.

LynCC said...

Girl, you just astonish me. :)

Crispy said...

OMGosh all these blocks and quilted a quilt too???? You really amaze me with how much you get done!! It's wonderful that your hubby quilts too and could come up with a great way to fix the block. The nine patch one is great, I have a hard time with those that require only a thread or two between shapes :0)