Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Finish

My finishes are few and far between so far this year.  But I did get the Thangles top finished including binding it yesterday.  Now it's been washed too.

Because I was working on the above quilt, I only managed to squeeze in 3 Dutch Treat blocks over the weekend.


Pussy Willow
This is always one of Tom's favorites in each quilt. He refers to it as "that sparkler block"


I have a short workshop this afternoon and then guild tonight.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.


Cheryl Willis said...

only three? you slacker! just kidding, great progress you are doing- keep it up. cw

LynCC said...

Heh! I wouldn't have got any done around working up a finish. :) GOod for you! I do really like your solution corners. They add a nice color on the corners. And the crow fabric on the back is pure fun.

Me and My Stitches said...

I love your Thangles quilt - what a great finish!

Sherry said...

Never so only 3 done I would be lucky to get 3 done in a month and you also finished this quilt your amazing.

Sharon said...

Awesome finish...3 is a good number and the year is only half gone!

Crispy said...

Great looking quilt!! I admire those of you who can machine quilt. It has to be a lot of work pushing a big quilt under the needle.

Love the Pussy Willow block :0)


Tonya said...

Have you read stash manicure this morning? (tuesday's post) I immediately thought if anyone could use the website they described, you could!

Elisa Black said...

Congrats on the finish, Mary!! It looks great! Love your projects. Hope you enjoyed your class and guild meeting!

quiltncalcgal said...

Love your Dutch Treat quilts, especially the one you are doing now. I even bought the book with some birthday money. I did discover that my reverse applique skills need some honing. I will keep practicing. Thank you for the inspiration.
Vicki in Wichita