Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Week's Blocks

Civil War Block 20--New England Block

1800 Sampler Quilt Block 20
Uneven Nine Patch on Point

1880's Sampler Block 19 Puzzle Block

Dutch Treat Flower Basket

Dutch Treat Flower Pot

Dutch Treat Flower Tag

Dutch Treat French Urn

Which completes row five

This will be the start of the second section when I begin quilting.  But here it is just laying beside the first four rows

I haven't quite kept the pace I wanted.  It's been six weeks since I started Dutch Treat #3 and I had hoped to do a row a week.  Still five rows isn't bad considering.

The sun is finally shining today.  Yesterday it rained most of the day and the sun didn't come out until it was nearly time for it to set.  Seemed like a good day for a pot of soup.

My version of Pasta E Figoli

And some yeast corn bread to go with it.

Today I made some banana cookies. 

 Not too bad but I think I'd rather have banana bread.


Barb said...

I love your blocks, looks like you have been busy. Your one dutch quilt is comeing along fast.

Cheryl said...

All your blocks look great! The soup and bread looks even yummier!

Yvette said...

I love all of your blocks!
You just made me hungry.

Anonymous said...

The blocks all look wonderful and I'd love to come to your house for a lunch of soup, bread and cookies.

Crispy said...

Boy what a slacker you are Mary ROFL!! All of the blocks are beautiful.

It would be fun to see all of the CW and Sampler blocks together...hint hint :0)