Monday, May 23, 2011

Please Pray For Joplin

Yesterday when I posted the tornado sirens were going off here in Pittsburg.  We quickly ascertained that the worst of the storms were going to pass just south of us (the sirens go off when a tornado is spotted anywhere in the county).   This felt like pretty typical spring weather here in S.E. Kansas.  This is what the radar was showing.

We sat down to eat supper while listening to the news on TV and learned that a tornado had touched down in Joplin, MO, just 30 miles to the southeast of us.  While that was troubling, we expected to hear that a few trees were maybe toppled and some roofs damaged. 

The radar turned to this. You can see both Pittsburg and Joplin clearly.

What a shock as the news started to filter in.  Joplin took a direct hit with what may turn out to have been an F4 tornado that cut a swath through the center of town.  One of the two large hospitals was heavily damaged (St. Johns).

This is the same area.

There are pictures all over the web if you Google Joplin, MO tornado and many, if not all, of the major TV networks are covering the story.  The death toll is now up to 89 and climbing.  One of our granddaughters is a police officer and her husband is a fireman. They were both called out last night from their hometown of Neosho. 

Please pray for those affected by this storm and for those who are working so hard to find people still missing.

This morning another severe storm is building to the west of us. 


Sharon said...

I sat and cried and prayed for the people in Joplin as I watched the news this morning. Heartbreaking news...praying that the resuce workers will find all those in need of help quickly! Glad you are ok...take care!

karenfae said...

One of my nieces let me know what was happening and we were watching the news all evening. Glad it missed you and my family where most of them live only about 40 - 50 miles to the south of Joplin. When it hits so close to our family areas it makes it all so much more painful I guess. Just knowing how close it came to our life's.

Cheryl said...

Scary! Stay safe. I pray for the poor people of Joplin.

Lynn said...

Turned on the news this morning and learned of the devastation from Joplin. Thought of you so checked out your blog right away. Glad your family is ok. Just learned my sister's husband had an aunt die, uncle missing and daughter injured in the tornado in Joplin. So sad.

Chris said...

My heart breaks for all those who lost so much. My best friend called my from her basement (about 2 hours from Joplin) last night to tell me how bad it was. It was worse than she even said.

LynCC said...

It's such a terrible year for tornadoes. :( Will keep you, too, in our prayers today.

Crispy said...

I saw the devestation on the Weather Channel last night. How awful for those poor people!!!


Geta Grama said...

I heard here on news that 75% of Joplin is devastated. I hope you will be safe, take care.

sewmeow said...

Thanks for sharing about's awful and prayers going out as I type.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you, although I didn't know at the time how close you were to Joplin.