Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Garden

Once upon a time I used to love to garden.  I had big vegetable gardens many years ago, and after I moved to Kansas in 1986 I began flowering gardening. At one time I had over 1000 different perennials in my yard. 

About 8 years ago I had to give that up due to my respiratory problems.  Now it has become survival of the fittest.  We have returned many beds to what passes as lawn in this part of the country (definitely not KY bluegrass!).  What beds that are left have only those things that pretty much take care of themselves and survive the hot dry months of July-September without any additional watering.

Today I took a walk around and find I still have some pretty spots.  The pictures are in the previous post. (I still have issues with posting slideshows from Photobucket and adding commentary).



LynCC said...

Mary, your hostas are gorgeous. And that white (iris, is it?) is amazing.

Carolyn said...

Hi Mary, I really know how you feel. I am a Master Gardener. But I have sever Rheumitoid Arthritis for 30 years now. I use to have a perfect yard, so many plants. Now I plant a few tomato plants and pepper plants and maybe a few perennials. My yard is so sad. But I still have quilting. So I feel blessed. I miss it so bad.

Anonymous said...

I love the little footbridge.

Crispy said...

I have no flowers in my garden, nor vegetables. Maybe after I retire it will happen :0)