Thursday, May 26, 2011

Continued Prayers Needed

Not much sewing going on here.  The news from Joplin continues to be heartbreaking.  9 people have been rescured alive since Sunday.  But the death toll has risen to 125.  Hundreds are still unaccounted for and we can only pray that most of them have simply left town and not notified anyone.  I can't imagine the difficulty authorities are facing in trying to determine the safety of everyone amid growing pressure to do it fast!  This will not be a fast process.  Cleanup and rebuilding will take years.  An aerial view of the destruction can be seen here.

A friend had been shopping in JoAnn's

and at this Walmart

just 90 minutes before they were hit.  I'm still awaiting confirmation on the safety of fellow Joplin guild members.  At this point I know that at least two had homes destroyed. 

There are many ways to help and we will be contributing in several things over the next weeks and months.  Judy at Patchwork Times has organized this opportunity.

Most of all I covet your prayers for this community.  The pain is enormous.


Barb said...

Thanks Mary for the update, this is truly devastating and I can only imagine the grief...thanks for the link to help.

Susan said...

My prayers continue for all those who have lost loved ones, homes and workplaces. The devastation is just horrible!

Cheryl Willis said...

joplin is getting such a blessing from all the helpers that are coming in from around the country. hubby passed a caravan of workers headed your way.
our church is sending in small groups to assist.
saturday my nephews team is cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and taking them out for volunteers.
clean up will be long and slow. hang in there, it does get better.- cw

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us an update that we would never find on TV.

karenfae said...

it is horrible up there isn't it. I am sending some quilts off to Judy this week. If I could physically go help with clean up I could but I guess sending quilts and money to the Red Cross will be my contribution. I hope all your friends will be fine.