Saturday, May 7, 2011

Civil War Blocks

CWQ Block 4 Texas TearsCWQ Block 1-Catch Me If You Can 010111CWQ Block 2-North Star 010811CWQ Block 3-Seven Sisters 01152011CWQ Block  5 Kansas Troubles 012911CWQ Block  6 Richmond 020510
CWQ Block 7 Log Cabin 021211CWQ Block 8-Cotton Boll 021911CWQ Block  9-Birds in the Air 022611CWQ Block  11 London Square 031211CWQ Block 12  Lousiana 032011CWQ Block 10 Lincoln's Platform 030511
CWQ Block 13 Little Blue Basket 032611CWQ  Block 14 Fox and Geese 040211CWQ  Block 15-Fort Sumpter 041211CWQ  Block 16-White House 041611CWQ Block 17-Comfort Quilt 42311CWQ Block 18 Union Square
CWQ Block 19 Missouri Star 050711

Civil War Blocks, a set on Flickr.

My Civil War Blocks to date


LynCC said...

Those look fantastic - a terrific variety of Civil War colors. :)

Yvette said...

Oh, WOW!
I adore all of these blocks. If I wasn't into so many projects I would jump on board with these. I love your color choices.

Barb said...

Yvette said what I was going to say..."WOW!"

Karen Wilson said...

I love looking at my set in Flickr, sort of get an idea of what the quilt will look like, and also to see how far we've come. Although my 'quilt' is looking a bit of a hodge podge at the moment because of how I am choosing my fabrics.

Yours look great together. I wonder how many people will end up joining them together in 'order' and how many will mix them up. Not sure what I'm going to do yet.

Elisa Black said...

Gorgeous!! I love the colors, Can't wait to see the whole thing! Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Your blocks all look so lovely and so good together.

Crispy said...

Oooo they look wonderful together!!