Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Blocks

Playing catch-up with my pieced blocks.  Normally I make these blocks as soon as they are available, Friday and Saturday.  As you know we were pretty busy last weekend.  But how appropriate is it that I made the Civil War Block's called Fort Sumpter and it is exactly 150 years ago TODAY that the first shot in this battle was fired! 

 The central 9-patch is supposed to symbolize the Fort and the .light blue triangles on the outside the water that surrounds it.  Read more of this story on Barbara's blog

And here's my 1880's Sampler block for last week.   It's called Grain Mill

Last but not least, I finished two Dutch Treat blocks last night. 



There is quite a bit of waste making the Dutch Treat blocks since the blocks are initially cut 6" and then trimmed to 4 1/2" after the applique is done.  You need the extra 1 1/2" to have something to hold onto.  Of course you know me..I don't throw anything out. So I have plastic bins filled with these scraps from both of the Dutch Treat quilts I've made to date.  I intend to do some sort of string piecing with them. 

Today I decided that maybe if I make myself sit down and piece these as I make each block and trim it, then when I'm done making my Dutch Treat I'll be close to having another quilt of some kind made. 

So here are the scraps so far.

I have several ideas of what I might do with these.  How about you?


Anonymous said...

Oh I love it all, especially The Grain Mill. They are all so different yet each is so beautiful in their own way.

Karen Wilson said...

I love your string pieces... the way that little bits of the pattern are sneeking out from behind the beige fabric! No idea what you can do with them though...

Barb said...

I think that you are so clever to hang on to those scraps and actually try to do something with them. I love how this is looking.

Crispy said...

All the blocks are great Mary :0) I have no suggestion for the string pieces...I usually save my smaller scraps for applique.


Cheryl said...

Love the colors in your CW blocks and your dutch treat blocks fascinate me. I think this is the first time I have heard of them.

Joan said...

Your blocks are looking great - you have been so busy!