Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunshine Award

Emily at Quiltdoodles surprised me with a Sunshine Award today

I'm flattered and grateful to be chosen, but I find it so hard..impossible really, to follow the rules for these blog awards.  How can I possibly pick just 12 blogs to pass the award on to?  And since so many of us tend to read the same blogs, it gets even more difficult trying to give it to someone who hasn't been named already.  

I hope this doesn't seem like I'm ungrateful..or wimping out, but my decision is that everyone on my blog list on the right hand sidebar deserves a Sunshine award!  Each and every one of them brings a smile to my face and brightens each day.  So I am not going to officially list 12 or even 20.  I'm just going to suggest you visit any of those on my sidebar that aren't already on your daily rounds.  They are there for a reason..because they are great blogs! 

Thanks again, Emily.

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