Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've Been Quilting

I sure haven't been blogging much lately.  Not a lot to share.  We went to the Ozark Piecemaker's Quilt Show in Springfield, MO last Thursday and eventually I'll have some pictures from that.

In the meantime I've been making steady progress quilting Dutch Treat #2.  I started September 19 and last night I finished the third row.  I wish I could get decent pictures that actually show the quilting stitches but never seem to be able to. This is the best I could do.

First three rows quilting and ready to add more batting before I start row 4.

Tried without a flash hoping to show the quilting better

Dare I hope to have it quilted by year's end?


karenfae said...

I can't tell from the photo are you machine quilting as you go or hand quilting? It is looking really good.

Cheryl Willis said...

I went on Thursday too with a couple of friends. Didn't even think to see if any cyber friends were in the crowd. I still have to upload the pictures I took.
Did you enjoy the show? Were you displaying anything or just looking? I thought the show was nice, not too big, not too small, just right. We had a good time, spent some $$ and got inspired to start a few TO DO's. cw

Mary Lou Casada said...

The DT is looking great, Mary! I love that subtle sashing; it seems so soft against the applique' -- a very nice touch, especially with the border fabric you are using. It will be another stunner!
Mary Lou

Crispy said...

The quilting looks great Mary!! As quickly as you put this top together, I'm sure you will have the quilting done by the end of the year....if you don't get distracted LOL.


Rose Marie said...

Many thanks for sharing this .... I have got to try it.

The way you are going, you are sure to finish it by the end of this year.

Donna said...

I have no doubt at all, Mary, but what you will have the quilt finished before the end of this year. And, by the way, it is looking beautiful! Your hand quilting is very nice. said...

it looks really great