Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Is A Quilt?

I had a really pleasant day yesterday. I started and finished quilting the Dinah's Delight quilt top I made last December.  And I was smiling the whole time.  Why?  I realized that this is the type of quilt I most like making and it had been awhile (or so it seems to me) since I'd finished one like this.

In my head, when I think "quilt", this is what I picture. Lots of different fabrics, different in both color and texture. Preferably smallish pieces.  An off white background (ideally that is scrappy too like this one). Washed to give it that old crinkled look.   

My criteria for a scrap quilt...
     It must have...
         Some red 
             Some yellow
                 Some plaid
   Other than that just about anything goes, although I prefer not to use a lot of pastel or brights. Definitely no solids. 

I don't want to step on any one's toes.  I see all sorts of beautiful quilts all the time that are not scrappy in the least.  And I admire them.  I'm just saying that for ME, quilts are scrappy.  And I suspect most of you feel the same or I doubt you'd be reading my blog since that is mostly what I show here (well that and lots of Dutch Treat applique). 

I think we all have our preferences and tend to lean one way or the other..scrappy or not.  I'm sure there are those who sort of cringe when they see all the colors and especially the mix of backgrounds I use in my quilts.  That's okay.  Different is good.  Different is interesting. 

But back to yesterday.  It just made me happy to be handling this quilt.  What can I say..small things make me happy.

I still have to bind it as you can see. That is a job for this afternoon or evening.  And it still needs laundered, but already I like the texture that is apparent in low light.

One of the reasons the quilting went so fast is that I chose to do another all over small meander.  This is such an interesting that challenges you to find the block.  It was a mystery quilt from my friend, Cynthia, at Iowa Star Quilts.  The free pattern is still available on her website.  Here's her top from her blog.  Guess it will no longer be a mystery for you, but it's still a great pattern to make.

Now to catch up with the Dutch Treat blocks made in the last few evenings.

#142 Separate Tables

#143 Shapes
#144 Shasta Daisy

#145 Shooting Stars

#146 Silver Bells
#147 Singleton

#148 Smarties

#149 Snowflake

Closing in on row 11.  Have a great weekend!


Barb said...

just love the quilt....looks are really cranking out those squares....

Emma said...

You know, I totally agree with you on this. Quilts back in the day were something you made with what you had so you wouldn't freeze to death. I'm definitely a scrap quilt person. I'm not so much into sashing made from a single cut piece of's much more interesting if it's made from pieces of several fabrics in the same colorway! And I get bored when making quilts that are patterns of only three or four fabrics (which is why I still haven't finished my Quilts for Kids quilt...shame on me) because there's nothing visually interesting about them. My husband laughs at my scrappy quilts sometimes (I do tend to make very bright baby quilts...) but he agrees - they're much nicer to look at.

Geta Grama said...

I can see why you like this quilt.
All your scrappy quilts are fabulous !

Anonymous said...

Love the background ..... if it is light it is right in my book.
Judy B

Manoli C. said...

Hi! I've seen your hand work and I love it.
I hope we'll keep in touch. See you, bye!!!

Jacquie said...

I love your scrappy quilts and one of these days I hope to lose control enough to try one! I think the longer you quilt the more secure you become with scrappy! As usual, your dutch treats are beauties!

Susan said...

You are such an inspriation! I love the scrappies. they are my favorite. I enjoy stopping by to see what you are up to. Hey by the way I was in Pittsburg twice in the last month I waved at ya.

Crispy said...

I love coming by to see what you are making. My head is sooo into applique right now, that is what catches my eye but quilts like this one always makes me stop to look closely. Some day I'll make a truly scrappy quilt....Some Day :0)


Linda said...

Mary, I agree about the scrap quilts. I enjoy making scrap quilts too. I too make some quilts that are planned quilts with the same fabrics but the scraps of those end up in my scrap quilts too. I just can't throw good fabric out and this is a good way to use them up. None of your fabrics look ugly though! Your dutch treat blocks are looking great. I'm enjoying the block parade. Hugs, Linda

Micki said...

This quilt is just stunning, and you are really on a roll with your blocks!