Saturday, August 14, 2010

Salt & Pepper Dalmations

Only one Dutch Treat block finished last night.  It's called Salt & Pepper and is #135 of 196.

I finished quilting the last of the baby quilt tops I put together in May.  This is the second one using the Dalmatian fabric. 

Just a simple rail fence. I used a red fleece for the backing which should make it nice and cuddy,

Another scorcher here.  Varying reports predict a high from 99-103º actual temps.  I don't want to think what the heat index will be after humidity is factored in.  A good day to stay inside and quilt.

Happy Weekend.


Barb said...

Try to stay cool, is it hard for you to breathe when it gets that hot?

Love the quilt and block!

karenfae said...

I am dreading the hot temps when we get home - I will not be used to it and sometimes get a little light headed from the heat - I will be in the A/C a bit until my body remembers what the heat is like :)

Crispy said...

I wish I could send you some of our cool down. It's only 55 this morning and feels wonderful!! We will heat back up in a couple of days but I'm soaking in the coolness while it lasts.


Micki said...

Try to stay cool! I love the rail fence quilt...very pretty!

Riley said...

You are so good at getting things finished up, a very bad short coming of mine! The baby quilts are looking great, as is the Dutch Treat!