Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue Ribbon Quilts - Iowa State Fair 2010

Here's a video from the IPTV site showing the blue ribbon quilt winners at the Iowa State Fair.  Would you believe that in the 40 years I lived in Iowa I never attended the fair even once?

My friend, Cynthia, from Iowa Star Quilts has been one of the judges for several years.  You'll see and hear her in the clip.  She also has a blog.



Crispy said...

Darn I wish I could watch videos....but thanks for posting about them :0)


PS - I was informed that my e-mail issues are resolved. I hope your's no longer bounce!!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Thank you Mary, we went to the fair on Tuesday. I judged the Herbs with 2 others. We had a wonderful day. I loved viewing the quilts in person and this was fun looking again with your video! Carolyn

Deputy's Wife said...

The best of show was beautiful. I don't know how Cynthia does it. So many beautiful quilts to judge. All in one day!!!