Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catching Up

I haven't taken time to post anything for a few days.  I've been busy with a couple of different things. 

First of all I've been setting my Dear Jane blocks together..sort of...  I saw a picture of a quilt set in a very different manner and have wanted to do my DJ like it ever since. I'm sorry I don't know whose quilt it was or exactly where I saw it.  I'm assuming it was in a posted group of DJ quilts from a gathering of Janiacs. 

Trying to switch from blocks set straight to blocks set on point presents some challenges and lots of math.  I do have EQ, but it is EQ5 and even if I was really good with it, which I'm not, I don't think it actually figures the width and length of borders needed in each round. If it does, I don't know how to do it.

Anyway, having probably confused you, this is what I'm talking about.

I pretty much had to piece the on point blocks and then figure forward and backwards to determine the width of sashing I needed to make the straight set blocks work.  See that empty space where the carpet shows through?  I still have to decide whether to piece strips of colored squares together or use a plain dark fabric for a border there.  The quilt I saw had the pieced squares.  I'm thinking a single fabric would look just as good and certainly be faster and easier. 

The other problem is that I think I want to try hand quilting this. And I can't quilt in a frame or in a hoop with my left hand fully under the quilt. I need my left thumb on top of the fabric.  Dumb, I know, but that is how I quilt.  So I need to do it in sections like I did my first Dutch treat.  So I'll leave this in sections and start quilting the center section, then add rounds as I go, working out to the edges.  Make sense?  Clear as mud?  Strange way to quilt??????

Whew.......that has taken some time.

But I did get a few more Dutch Treat blocks done in the evenings when I curl up in the recliner


King Arthur





This one is sort of funny.  Tom and I went down to the mall to sell tickets for our guild's donation quilt today.  I took along this block to work on.  Halfway through it I realized I should have brought two as it was really a simple one and it appeared it was only going to take me about 45 minutes to make it. We were scheduled to sell tickets for 2 hours. Just as I was ready to start sewing the outside edges I realized I had reversed the color placements. That would mean ending with dark edges instead of white and would really look odd among the other blocks.  I didn't want to throw away my work so I just added another round and salvaged it.  Filled up my time at the mall (and I still sold some tickets too!). 

This is what it should have looked like. See the difference?  This one is from my first Dutch Treat.

 Speaking of donation quilts.  Don't forget you can email me for an address to send you dollars for a chance to win our guild's 2010 quilt.  It will be given away Labor Day weekend during our quilt show.

Isn't it pretty? It's a Judy Laquidara design.  Don't you want it to live at your house?


Karen said...

A unique setting for DJ. You are doing well figuring it all out.

karenfae said...

I love the setting for the Dear Jane, it looks great that way and very different from the usual.

Jacquie said...

I think the setting of the Dear Jane is fabulous! I would definitely go with a solid fabric for the sashing I think solids really set off the blocks. IMHO!! The Dutch Treats are definitely a treat to see!

Barb said...

Mary, I am never disappointed when I come to your blog....that one quilts is sooooooooooooooooo so wonderful work.

The last quilt, the raffle one is nice to....

Sherry said...

Hi I love the new look of you dear Jane. I like the solid fabric the carpet looks great can't wait to see what you will need up with. Happy hand quilting

Teaquilts said...

Mary, fantastic job with the DJ setting; I knew you were putting the blocks together. LOL I like the new look to the Dutch treat block with the extra round; you created another block! My favorite one in this batch is the King Arthur one; don't ask me why.

Crispy said...

Oooo I love this setting!! I think a darker plain border would look wonderful...framing the middle section more.


Arlijohn said...

Mary, I really like the idea of plain dark sashings for the inner border of your dj. The blocks are beautiful and this arrangement would add excitement to your quilt.You are such a great quilter and I love looking on this site and seeing what you're working on. I do have an advantage though, I get to see your work in person at guild. See you tonight. arlinda

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Oh my gosh the "Dear Jane" blocks! WOW!!!! They are out of site. You have done a fabulous job laying them out. They really show off. Hand quilting would be nice-- a good winter project--- but, you would probably finish it before then. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Carolyn

Linda said...

That setting for your DJ blocks is wonderful. Your work is lovely. I hope you don't hurt when you hand quilt. I love looking on your site and seeing what you're working on. Very inspiring!

Riley said...

Mary!! What a wonderful surprise to 'see' you again. Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog!

I LOVE the DJ setting! I think it really sets it off to full advantage.

You still have all those wonderful skills that you had. I have thought abt you often & wondered how you were.

Glad to see Tom retired & looks like retirement agrees with both of you!

BTW: Riley is my middle name! :)