Friday, June 11, 2010

The Retirement Quilt

By the time this posts, this quilt will have been presented to Mike.  I'll be posting pictures of the retirement banquet, parade and ceremony in a week or so, after we have returned home.

For now I can finally show you what I was working on part of last month but couldn't talk about.  And you'll now know why I was so frantic about getting my hand healed so I could sew.  The piecing on this quilt was actually done the week I was supposed to be in the splint.  I had spent two or three weeks previous to that designing the printed squares.  It then took about three days to quilt after my hand was feeling up to it.

For anyone who hasn't heard me talking about it, my oldest son, Michael, has retired after 29 years and 8 months in the U.S. Army. There is a star for each of his 19 assignments with his photo, place and dates, unit patch and crest, his rank and any awards he received during that assignment. Another star with his last official pic in dress blues and one with his full rack of medals. I planned to print and applique a piece with his final awards after they were presented this week, so by now I've hopefully done that.

The other pictures are candid shots spanning his career.  I used two rolls of Blumenthal Crafter's Image printer fabric to print all the pictures and emblems.

The words under the eagle in the center are a quote from Aristole that he has used as his email signature for many years.."We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit". It very nicely sums up his approach to leadership throughout his Army career.

The flags along the bottom are the countries in which he deployed. The other pics are candid shots throughout his career.

The backing is the same soldier fabric that surrounds the eagle. I really like that print even though Mike was Intelligence and not Cavalry. It just reminds me of Ft. Huachuca where he has spent so much time.

I hope I'll have some good pictures of the recipient with his quilt to share later.


Crispy said...

Oh Mary the quilt is AWESOME!!! I bet Michael was so happy with all the work, thought and love you put into this project!! WELL DONE!!

I look forward to pics of the celebrations :0)


Mama Koch said...

So glad I got to see this in glad I got to see BOTH of you in person!

Safe travels.

Barb said...

Just amazing....blows me away!

Donna said...

The quilt is fantastic, Mary! What a wonderful tribute to Michael.

Sherry said...

What a winderful quilt and I'm sure he loves it. I'm lost for works but BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

A very creative memory quilt.

Micki said...

What a great quilt! It will be loved for sure!

Sheila said...

Fantastic quilt with lots of love! Congratulations and many thanks to your son for his service.

Geta Grama said...

A wonderful memory of 30 years of work. And a lot of love from a proud mama !
Congratulations to Mike, and to you too.

Jacquie said...

It is truly a beauty. I am sure Mike was blown away! The details were amazing! Well done Mary - a quilt that will be treasured for years to come.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful quilt, very special!!! Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

What a love tribute to your son. Congratulations and many thanks to your son for his service.

You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing.