Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cleaning Out and Using Up

Have spent a few more days sorting fabrics and in the process making more little quilts. Tom pieced this one and I quilted it on Saturday.

I've had this Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric for a long time and the plaids were purchased at a friend's rummage sale several years ago.

I just love the fabric I used on the back. It's also been in my stash for over five years. It was perfect for this little quilt.

I also found some REALLY BRIGHT quilt blocks that a friend gave me four or five years ago. All of them use black and white fabrics in addition to the brights.  I love using black and white in baby quilts. I'm told it's good eye exercise for babies. There were  six blocks, so I made six more using my limited stash of brights and some of the black and whites I've been hording for a "someday" project.  I'm thinking of using a small piece of Love Bug (Volkswagen) fabric for the border.  But maybe not....not even sure I like all of the blocks..I may make some others and swap some out.  Still working on this............
Then I found a bag with extra fabric and all of these HST's left over from making a birthday quilt for our great-grandson, Maison

The leftovers

Maison and his quilt. His daddy is a fireman. I designed the quilt and the ears are three dimensional.

I quilted different fire trucks in the snowball blocks

But I digress....I played around with the HST's, but in the end I couldn't figure out what to do with them and set them aside for now.  They'll end up in another project later.  Instead I cut the  blue doggy fabric, and two others into rail fence blocks and pieced this top yesterday afternoon

See that red checked  fabric (it looks pink in this picture, but trust me, it is red)? I still had the cutting ticket pinned to it. It's been in my stash since 1999. That was 3 years before I started quilting! I can't tell you the number of times I've pulled that fabric to use and then put it back on the shelf. Do you ever do that? My reasoning is usually something along the lines of "if I use it now, then another project will come along and I will wish I had it for THAT project, for which it would have been PERFECT!". Silly, huh? Well this time I used it! And I still have about 3/4 of a yard left for the future "perfect" project.

It's been a long day..6 hour round trip to Wichita for Tom's doctor appointment.  I have several new Dutch Treat blocks done but those will have to wait for another day. 

Sweet Dreams everyone!


Barb said...

You two make a great team....enjoyed all the quilts your showed today. You sure can get alot done!

Teaquilts said...

Great job on the cleaning and progress. Regarding fabrics in stash, I find myself not wanting to use a fabric if I'm going to give the quilt away as I want to see it in a quilt for me. Silly isn't it? I'll still have the scraps to use and can love it just as well in scrap quilt. I enjoyed your show and tell today.

Crispy said...

Wow you two have been busy!! Such lovely projects :0). Oh yes, I have some fabric like you described, I'll use it some day LOL.


Donna said...

Good job, Mary a nd Tom, getting so much done. And yes, I have fabric that I keep waiting for the perfect project to cut into it.