Saturday, March 6, 2010


Lots of pictures to share today for a change.

The first thing I did this week was finish the crazy quilt I started last Saturday when our guild met to work on community quilts. Our president called it a "Gather The Crumbs" day and we were challenged to make quilts using some of our tiny scraps. She also suggested we try the "Fun and Done" method of making blocks.

I modified it a bit, chose to make crazy patch blocks first, then layer and quilt them before joining them in the Fun and Done method. I'm not sure this will ever be my favorite method of Quilt As You Go, but it was something different to try.

Actually the scraps I used didn't seem all that small to me. Making the crazy patch blocks was the fun part. Other guild members thought it was great fun to keep adding to the full tote of scraps I brought with me.

And since the Olympics were winding down last weekend I even found a discarded paper pieced Maple Leaf block among the donated scraps.

It's not the best work I've ever done, but it's a nice warm quilt for some little one to cuddle and play with.

Then I dug out another UFO and am happy to cross it off the list.

My grandmother wasn't the most accurate hand piecer, but she sure loved to pick the more difficult patterns and also the ones with small pieces. I guess I come by it naturally as I gravitate to those as well.

She pieced this little quilt and I started to hand quilt it a couple of years ago. I lost interest and set it aside, mostly because I couldn't decide how I wanted to quilt the plain hexagon blocks. This week I dug it out and finished quilting and binding it.

The pattern is called Kite (or Periwinkle, Arkansas Snowflake or Four Point). This time she set the pieces differently and it made for a very challenging finishing edge. I decided to applique a small border around it to square it off.

I used a wool batting and just love the way the piece crinkled up after it was laundered. I wish I could afford to use wool all the time on my large quilts. It sure is cuddly, not to mention it doesn't hold creases.

Most of these fabrics are from the 1950's and possibly some earlier.

I don't have any quilts that Grandma made that are in good shape. I do have two REALLY tattered and worn ones. One of them is a large quilt in the same Kite pattern, though this time she oriented the blocks differently.

A close up shows just how worn the fabrics are. I still wouldn't dream of tossing it.

A couple years ago I happened to spot a quilt in this pattern for sale online and purchased it for my birthday present. The blocks are quite a bit bigger and it's in excellent condition. Was told it was made in the 1940's in Oklahoma but no official documentation.

I have several more of the small block pieces that Grandma cut out and strung together. They are next to the unquilted piece in the photo below. I debated using them to make the original piece larger but decided I wanted it to be just Grandma's work. At some point I'll figure out what to do with the remaining pieces.

Since I've been good and finished a UFO, am I allowed to start on a new project? We have an impending trip to Iowa in the next few days and I'm thinking a new applique project would be just the portable project I need. Like maybe this one.


Micki said...

What gorgeous quilts! I loved seeing all of them! Yes, you can start a new one now...isn't that fun! I just did and posted it, and I do love starting a new project!

Karen said...

Gather the Crumbs day. Now that is a novel thing to call leftover fabrics. You put them to good use.

karenfae said...

very pretty quilts! you do have a lot of then don't you!

Susan said...

Beautiful quilts, Mary! The fun and done quilts are a great way to finish a charity quilt fast.

So just what is the rule about UFO's and new projects? Finish one...start one? If that's the case I should be able to start several new projects pretty soon!

Barb said...

You did have alot of wonderful quilts to show...truly enjoyed them all....thanks Mary!

Crispy said...

Great quilts Mary. How wonderful to have a couple of your grandmother's quilts, regardless of the shape they are in. So you are contemplating a Baltimore....


Donna said...

Our grandmothers' quilts are such treasures, aren't they? You certainly should start another quilt or two, Mary, and I really like the one you were contemplating.