Monday, January 11, 2010

Dinah's Delight Step Two

My friend Cynthie at Iowa Star Quilts has posted step two in her latest mystery quilt. Poor girl, as if being sick over Christmas and dealing with Iowa's nasty weather wasn't bad enough, she got hit with some malicious adware and she's spent days and days trying to get rid of it so she could post the next step in the mystery.

If you haven't started on this one yet, you might want to reconsider. It's another fabulous scrappy quilt. She does them so well!

Lucky me, I get to test her patterns, so my top has been done and waiting for the proper time to reveal. Here are the blocks from step 2 which I made last month.

Even though I get to see the pattern before the rest of you, she still gave it to me in steps. So here I was trying to figure out how the first two steps might go together. I'll just say..this ain't it folks! There are more blocks to come.

But it is getting interesting, huh? Now run to your scrap bag and start making blocks. You know you want to!


Barb said...

Oh wow....would love to join but jusst have tooo much going on...

Crispy said...

This is turning into a lovely mystery quilt. I'm always too chicken to do mysteries LOL.


Arlinda said...

Love your blocks! Really great. Enjoyed looking at your other pics toos. You do great work! Hope to see you Monday. Arlinda

Donna said...

Oh, Mary, you are bad! That is a wonderful mystery quilt. I do love scrappy! Hmmm, should I add this to my Farmer's Wife quilt project? I swore after I got burned on my last mystery quilt that I would never do one again, but this is lovely, and I could break that promise for it.

call me crazy said...

Yes, you are bad! I want to play too, but no time! :-/