Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That sounds kind of nasty..especially since I've been sick. But the purging going on at our house today is the good kind. It helps that I watched two episodes of "Hoarders" on A&E the last two evenings. That gave me the extra incentive I needed to do some serious cleaning in our garage and back porch. We had a new garage door installed today, so yesterday we started sorting through some totes with the goal of reducing the amount of stored "stuff". If you have a hard time parting with things, you need to watch this will scare you to death!

I'm happy to report we have emptied about 7 or 8 large totes so far, have 5 or 6 that will go to a worthy recipient tomorrow. Whew..........that's a lot of STUFF! Most of it was Christmas decorations (I had at least 8 totes full, even after offering carte blanche to my kids and grandkids a couple years ago), other holiday stuff and crafting supplies. We also took several bags of things to the thrift store. Feels good. The back porch is empty for the first time in years!

In the process I opened the Halloween decorations and Tom thought a few needed to come out for a few weeks. He always loves having Trixie lounging around the living room. She used to go to work with him and even made a trip to Minnesota with me once. She sure gathered a lot of looks riding down the interstate in the passenger seat! I made her sometime in the mid 1990's I suppose.

While I'm digging out picures, here are a few more Halloween crafts I've made over the years.
Trick or Treat Girl

All of the rest of these are original patterns..well not even patterns..I just made them up as I went along.
Skinny Witch

"If The Broom Fits.......Ride It!"

Another Skinny Witch

I've lost track of how many "Boos Brothers" I made and sold..but quite a few! Recyled chenille.

I saw something similar to this in a magazine and came up with a pattern for my own version.

Happy Fall Y'all!


Karen said...

I love your witches! Especially the red-haired one. I used to have a great big witch made with fiber fill in nylon stockings. She was quite a hit. I took her to work every October for several years.

Jacquie said...

I could star in a Hoarders episode and I hope to soon follow your example. Great job on starting the process. Trixie is adorable by the way! I am glad the two of you didn't part ways!

Connie W said...

Oh these are so cute! I like the Boos Brothers!

Sherry said...

I love them all you did a great job Mary. You should put them out. Tell Tom I'm a little slow with my siggy. I' trying to do some purging myself I need to make romm for my me baby (toy) will be coming this weekend and I need lots of space for it. Talk soon

sewmeow said...

Great Trixie's purple hair and her nose is a Plastic Surgeon's dream! Lol!

What fun!

Geta Grama said...

I am glad you are better now, Mary !
I love your collection of witches.

Crispy said...

The Boos Brothers cracked me of my favorite movies.


FabricsNQuilts said...

Watching Hoarders always makes me clean. It's more motivation than company coming to visit.

Great job on your progress!

Wonderful creations!

Elly D said...

I love all your dolls!! What fun they are :) I tried to watch the Hoarders program but alas it only shows in the states.... but we have similar programs here I'm sure and yes I need to do some of that decluttering too.. where does it all come from is what I'd like to know... maybe it falls from the sky, LOL...