Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Checking In & Noodles

Man..I don't know what's happening these days, but time seems to be just flying week after another, and I still haven't finished a quilting project in nearly 2 months now! Something needs to give and I'm not sure what that is!

I've been working on the hand quilting of my Dutch Treat in the evenings and have finished the first section of 5 rows. I added two more and have a start on that. When these 7 rows are done it will be half finished (aside from the borders). My left hand is really acting up, especially the base of my thumb and I hope to get some relief for that when I go for a doctor's visit on Thursday. Time to get my flu shot. Tom got his last week. Hope you all have done the same!

This is another busy week. Monday morning Tom and I went over to lend a hand to the noodle making process at church. Our monthly chicken and noodle dinners begin Wednesday. Doesn't seem like it should be time for them to start, but sure enough it's October!

I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of this amazing process. 19 people were involved this week and 33 dozen eggs were used to produce the noodles.

Three ladies in the kitchen mixing up the balls of dough in the food processor.
The rest of the crew using 4 noodle machines to process the dough and then cut the noodles.
A few more involved with the hanging process. Aren't these clever racks? That's Tom on the right....a hanger in training.

After about 3 hours the racks are filling up. That's our pastor getting involved as well.

Finally Herb went around with a pair of scissors to neatly trim the noodles that were dragging on the table.

Isn't this an interesting view looking through the noodles? I think so anyway!

They hung to dry until today when people went back to back them. This should be enough for this Wednesday's dinner, plus some bags of dry noodles to sell. We also keep some extra bags in the freezer for funeral luncheons. Next month the process will be repeated.
After lunch with the noodle crew, Tom and I came home and spent a couple hours putting together a veggie lasagna for last night's covered dish dinner at quilt guild. It was my last night as program chair and I'm sort of relieved to have that job behind me. This year I'll be project co-chair, which won't involve much work aside from trying to decide what to do next year when I'm project chair.
Today was a trip to a neighboring town with Tom for a doctor's appointment (his). Tomorrow I'll be baking pies in the morning and he'll be helping de-bone chicken for the chicken and noodles. Then we'll both head over about 2:00 to get set up for the dinner.
Thursday I have a doctor's appointment and I'm hoping Friday has absolutely nothing I need to do except look forward to spending the evening with a young quilter who wants to learn to needleturn applique.
Hope you are all getting more quilting done than I am!

Oh..almost forgot....I recieved a very pretty siggie from Riek last week. And she also sent several extra embroidery motifs that I can add to something else. Thank you, Riek!


karenfae said...

I love homemade noodles and use to have one of these machines and in a move it disappeared! I need to get a new one, one day. I hope you thumb feels better soon - too much hand work maybe?

Jacquie said...

Good to hear from you. Your life sounds as busy as mine. Did I really have time to work? The noodle making looks like so much fun. Take care of that thumb!

Barb said...

I am so glad you posted...several times I had said, I need to check on Mary....and well....the thought went as quickly as it came. Glad you are doing well.....and busy.

Crispy said...

Your chicken noodle dinner sounds wonderful!! Much nicer than the Lutefisk festival our neighboring town has LOL.


Donna said...

I was wondering about you, Mary. I see now that you have been very busy. The noodle-making process looks like fun when you're doing it with friends.

Geta Grama said...

I am amazed by the way people are involved in the community’s life. Here we don’t have such activities !

sewmeow said...

Now, how many people will be you feeding these yummy noodles & chicken?? What a wonderful event and coming together for all you volunteers.

I love making homemade noodles, but don't have a noodle machine, just roll 'em up and cut by hand.

Take care of that thumb!

Cindy P said...

Did I tell you that I had emptied one whole roaster of C&N's by 4? We aren't even officially OPEN until 4. I knew it was going to be bad. Did it get ugly after I left? Poor Mary has to sit by the front door and explain to people why we are out of dressing and green beans.