Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two to Go

I finished two more Dutch Treat blocks yesterday and last night.

First "Twizzler" which I have avoided about as long as possible..Whew.............I'm glad it's done! May not be perfect, but it's done! Those little squares are about 1/8".

And Crown Molding wasn't as hard, but still not that much fun!

Back to the recliner...watching golf and stitchin' the last two!


Sherry said...

Yea just two more to do I think your going to have them done by the Lets say this Thurs. I would say Tues but I don't want to stress you out. Great job Mary

Crispy said...

You did a great job on those two blocks Mary, your skill has grown through this process and it shows in these blocks.


Barb said...

I love the blocks and I am getting excited for the end results....