Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Balkan's Quilt Show 2009

The Little Balkan's Quilt Show 2009 is now history. It was a fantastic show! Not only did we have 189 of, if not the largest shows we've had, we had truly amazing quilts entered. I just never tire of walking back and forth through all the quilts and drooling....well I did tire...physically..........but it is so worth it!

I've spent more than a little time trying to set up slideshows to post directly here and keep having trouble so I'll just give you a direct link to the slideshow function on my Photobucket site and you can view the quilts there. I haven't had time to add captions to all of the quilts using the catalog for reference. Maybe at some point I can still do that. For now feast your eyes on these lovely quilts........ LBQG 2009 Show

I do want to share some pictures of the Best of show quilt....Susan Stewart's "Glory Hallelujah". I don't even know where to begin in describing this masterpiece, so I'll direct you to Susan's website for a technical description of the quilt. Susan lives here in Pittsburg. She spent years sewing for Martha Pullen and now uses those years of heirloom sewing experience to make out of this world quilts. "Glory Hallelujah" has won awards at Houston, Paducah and other big shows.What a treat to have quilts of this caliber in our show. Be sure to check out her gallery of quilts for other phenomenal works. She had four entries in our show this year. "It's All Thread" was one of them and it's another Paducah winner. Check out the detail photos and prepare to be amazed.

"Glory Hallelujah!"

Susan received word last week that her entry in this year's Houston show has won another award. It's a quilt with very special meaning to her. Can't wait to see what she has won! It's the one called "Gloria's Garden" in her gallery.

Jane Anderson, of Vinita, OK, is another amazing quilter who had amazing quilts in our show. Many of them have also won in large shows. Her work is all done by hand. Look for the black and white New York Beauty block quilt and then think about the fact it is hand paper piecing involved! Her hand quilting stitch is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there was the GORGEOUS Baltimore Album quilt by Velma Spillman or Moran, KS. It's called "Grapes and More Grapes". Her applique, hand quilting, and use of fabrics is superb.

And Judith Voghts of Erie, KS had an amazing Dear Jane Quilt

So many outstanding quilts. I've taken time to label these few and maybe I can label more at some time in the future. If you have a question about any of the quilts let me know and I'll try to tell you who made them, etc.

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks..lots going on. I've finished a couple more Dutch Treat blocks and will post them later.

Hope you enjoy the quilt show!


Stitch-n-quilt said...

Thank you for the wonderful slide show. You did a great job of photography to capture the quilts very nicely. I'll have to keep my eye on my favorites since they are inspiration. I also ordered Geta's book, so I should be doing a shadow trapunto soon. Also I want to do a block of your Amish dahlia soon. I'll also be going to Innovations next week. Hopefully I can figure out how to do a slide show similar to yours.

Geta Grama said...

Great collection of quilts ! Thank you for sharing with us !
I am glad I see you and Tom in pictures !
All the quilts are wonderful, but my favorite is "Imperial Garden" !
Congratulations for all the ribbons !

Barb said...

I will definitely have to go over there and take a look...the ones you showed were so amazing. That frst for showing...

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing with us you did a great job can't wait to go see your slide show. Going to see it now. You had a very busy weekend so I hope you can take a few minutes to yourself.

Karen said...

Wow, what beauties! The quilting on the first one is amazing. The black and white quilt very contemporary looking. The Baltimore beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Donna said...

What beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.

Kathie said...

thanks for sharing these pictures, the BA is just beautiful
off to see the slideshow
thanks for the link to that

Crispy said...

Thank you for posting such wonderful eye candy!!! What a great way to start a day :0)


Rose Marie said...

A delightful show .... wonderful quilts .... thanks so much for sharing.