Monday, July 20, 2009

Tom's Challenge

So now I'm back with TWO posts for today.

I told you all that Tom joined my quilt guild last month. That was just in time to take part in our 2009 Challenge which is due at tonight's meeting. He finished the binding on his this morning.

Tom says binding is still "bondage" as far as he is concerned. That is what took the longest. The art part of it was fun. It is called "Retirement - Priorities". It's a look back at his career and a look forward to enjoying retirement with me.

I think he did pretty darn good, don't you? It's 12 X 18".


Donna said...

Way to go, Tom! It looks to me like golfing may take a place on that priority list! :-) Nice job!

Sherry said...

Great job Tom. Glad to see you enjoy quilting.

Barb said...

Mary, he just makes me smile...what a great job!!!

Geta Grama said...

Mary, I think Tom should open his own blog :)

Crispy said...

WELL DONE TOM!!!! You did a wonderful job on your challenge. Let us know how you fair at guild.


Sunna Reyr said...

I think he did great, but it makes me wonder as it's the second golf quilt you've shown that he's made without ever mentioning that he's off golfing.....? Lol.

I hope you are feeling better and the result has started to show after your surgery. Best wishes and hugs.

Linda said...

Wow,how cute is it. Good job Tom. My husband would like that too.

Hope you are doing better now. Hugs, Linda