Thursday, July 9, 2009


No quilting pics again today. But I have to share photos of my gorgeous Stargazer Lilies. They get better every year. We counted over 30 blooms today and more to come.

I will forever associate these with my Grandmother, Esther. One reason is that I gave her some Stargazer bulbs for forcing indoors a couple years before she died and know that she enjoyed them so much.

The other reason is that my lilies were blooming like this the day we returned from her funeral in Iowa. She died 15 years ago yesterday. I think of her all the time and miss her so much, but have to admit that when these beautiful flowers bloom for me every year I really feel her presence.


Barb said...

Mary, those are beautiful. Reminds me of Missouri, we had five acres and part had a little creek running through it and I planted lilies around the creek and up in the fron of the road....took ten years but by the time we sold the house the lilies were almost grown together...then before they bloom, I had iris's planted (they had not grown together) but for a good portion of the spring and part of the summer, I had flowers all along the front of the house down the creek...very pretty.

Stitch-n-quilt said...

These are beautiful lilies. I grow a few but most of my bulbs got eaten by moles. So I hate to spend to much money on them. But I now have 2 that are doing well.

Donna said...

The lilies are just gorgeous. We have some pretty ones also, but not as lovely as those.

Geta Grama said...

Wow, how beautiful they are !

sewmeow said...

Gorgeous......take my breath away! It's so hot here in S.TX and we are in drought, that my plants are just barely hanging in there. Thanks for showing us yours.