Monday, July 6, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

No particular theme to today's post....just lots of pictures to share.

Over the last two or three days days I've completed four Dutch Treat blocks to bring my total to 164..slowly but surely I'll make it to 196!

Window Musketeer

Flower Pot


I've received three new siggy blocks...

From Chris in Belgium

Ann in France

Angelika in Germany

Thursday we drove over to Parsons for a short retirement get together for Tom. He received this plaque from his team members.

This certificate signed by the governor.

And a great first edition Kansas history book also from his co-workers.

Friday we drove to Grove, OK for the Grand Lake 'O The Cherokees Biennial Quilt Show. As always there were some great this blue ribbon winner.

You can see the rest of the pictures I took here.

Saturday I baked some rye bread. This recipe is called New York rye and it's one of my favorites. If anyone is interested, let me know and if enough are I'll post the recipe.

My hoya is putting on a fantastic show....8 blooms at once! Lately it pretty much blooms non-stop with at least one bloom at a time..sometimes a lot like now.

Sunday the quilters at church posed with my finished quilt.
A productive and enjoyable few days.


Barb said...

You have been very busy. I went over and looked at the quilts you posted, they are so wonderful to look at, I am sure you had a great time. Love the bread but have to stay away from making it or you would have to roll me around the house...

karenfae said...

you have been so busy. You get a lot done. Does the rye bread stay moist or does it dry out after a day. I have so much trouble with bread like that and we don't finish a loaf in one day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the pictures of the Grove Quilt show. Love your Ohio star quilt.

free indeed said...

I'm always interested in new recipes...especially breads...I just love bread! Post it please.

Crispy said...

You really have been busy!! I love the siggy block from Belgium.


Donna said...

Love the quilt, Mary, and I agree, you have been busy! Congrats to Tom on his retirement!

Sunna Reyr said...

Thank you for the quilt show, the photos on your blog and a few others are the only quilt shows I get to see.

Your hoya is great, I've had one for 20 years and it's bloomed once with two blooms. I moved it last year and it's debating if it's okay with the new location. I have so small windows in my house and it's really dark in the winter so my flowers just hang in there for a big part of the year.