Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer in SE Kansas

Another wild afternoon in S.E. Kansas. Tornado sirens started going off late afternoon. Tom was just getting home from VBS and drove me across the street to the neighbors who have a basement (we don't). It rained buckets and we had marble sized hail for a short time. Luckily there doesn't seem to have been any damage reported.

After about an hour we came home and Tom took these pics while it was still raining (the spots on the lens). The drainage ditch that runs through our lots was overflowing again. Here it is backing up at the brick bridge.

The water really gets to churning when the rain comes this fast.

Another hour passed and a second system roared through with tornado sirens blaring again. If you've never heard them, Judy L posted a video on her blog last night. She lives about 40 miles from here across the border in MO. They had a rough and tumble night as well. This time I was too tired to even think of traipsing back to the neighbors, so I just sat in my recliner and decided if it was my time to blow away, so be it. Once again luck was on our side and no damage seems to have been done by the storms.

Tom had another fun day at VBS, though the afternoon swimming plans were ruined. Here's one of the four groups in their music session.


Crispy said...

It's always scary to hear those sirens go off. Very dark clouds in your area!!

Barb said...

It is that time of the years I guess.....stay safe...

Sherry said...

I had heard that you were getting bad weather and I was thinking about you. I'm glad to hear that things are Ok with you.

Jacquie said...

Kansas in June - I remember it well. As a matter of fact, you had the same water running through when I was there. Love Tom's retirement pics and can't wait until Nov 1st when I can have some of my own. Thanks for the Anniversary greeting. It was a good day!