Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exciting Things

Where does the time go? Surely it was just a short time ago that Jeramiah came into the world and made us great-grandparents. Yet here he is starting his first day of Kindergarten. June. His school has a summer program for those entering school this fall. So he is officially a Kindergartner as of June 1. He looks just a little bit proud and excited..wouldn't you say?

The first thing I do when I wake up (well the second thing..hitting the bathroom is the first but didn't think you wanted me to share that) is go in and turn on my computer. I let my email download while I go out and start the coffee pot.

It was a thrill this morning to read the first email which was from Kris telling me my name was drawn as the winner for the May OPAM challenge. Don't know what I've won yet but THAT'S exciting!!! Thank you, Kris! I'll be watching the mail with anticipation.

Yesterday's mail also brought something blocks from Cootiebug's Siggy Swap. Here they are laid out on my living room floor. Can't wait to piece them together. It's so much fun reading the names and visiting the blog addresses that so many included with their signatures. Each one is so personal and creative. Thanks to everyone who took part in this swap. I love each and every one!

Final bit of excitement..three more days till Tom is done working!


Crispy said...

Oh what a cutie patootie he is and yes he looks VERY proud LOL. I can hardly wait until we are both completely retired....3.5 years and counting.


Donna said...

He does look so cute and excited, Mary. Your siggie blocks look so pretty laid out together.

I am so happy for you and Tom that he is retiring. That is a special time.

Josie said...

I thought I'd drop by and say 'hi' and say well done on winning OPAM, five quilts finished, that's brilliant! I bought a quilt kit last year and it's still in the packet.
Josie x

Barb said...

Love the quilt get so much done. What will you and Tom do when he retires? Is he going to compete for blog and sewing time?

a good yarn said...

Congratulations on the OPAM win! My nephew also starts school this year. They grow up much too quickly, don't they. I've enjoyed visiting your blog.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)