Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chicken Dance

I finally decided today what I was going to do for our guild's challenge which is due at next month's meeting. Each year we get a fat quarter in our membership packet and we are required to use a recognizable piece of it in our challenge project. Every year the challenge is something different. Last year we made new portrait blocks.

This year we were challenged to make a finished quilt that had at least one 3-D element made from fabric (didn't have to be the challenge fabric). The finished measurements could not be less than 12" nor bigger than 18".

I've really struggled coming up with an idea and finally thought I had one only to change my mind again this morning. Last week while sorting through some UFO's I found a leftover from doing this wall hanging in 2006:

It's called "Boots Rooster and Sunbonnet Chick". When I made Chick the first time I didn't allow enough room for Boots on the left. So I had to start all over. That left me with a completely appliqued Chick that I wasn't about to throw out.

So this morning I decide it would be perfect for this challenge...being half done and all...sounded good to me. I added another wing to balance her out a bit and then she looked like she might be doing the Chicken Dance.

Since I love Sunbonnet Sue, have chickens all over my kitchen and lived most of my life in Iowa where I don't think a marriage is official if the Chicken Dance isn't performed, it seemed like a perfect fit. I just added some yo-yos to the bottom of her skirt for my 3-D element. And the challenge fabric was used for the binding.

Now any fellow guild members that might be reading know what I've made, but it doesn't matter much since everyone has seen Boots & Chick and would recognize it anyway.
Can you tell there is actual netting for her hose?

And guess what I received in today's mail..another siggy with Sunbonnet Sue! Thanks, Layla.

Thunder and a spattering of rain rolled through a bit ago. Just a couple miles north in Frontenac it rained like everything. Crazy.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

awww, she is so cute. Love the yo-yo's on her skirt. I don't know much about chicken dancing, but this gal seems to be swinging :-)

Sherry said...

She is so cute, here going to love it at your quild.

Crispy said...

LOL, that is such a cute idea!! I just love her and also the original quilt.


Alta R said...

As my grandson would say, "Sweet!".

Cheryl Willis said...

adorable, I live next to a "blue barrel farmer" (roosters) and friends think it is funny to gift me poltury items. I can't tell one chicken from another but would guess your gal is the hit of the barnyard! cw

Teaquilts said...

Love both of the quilts. You are so creative. I got a chance to see your photos of all your quilts. You have been very busy in your short quilting journey. Keep up the great work.

Donna said...

I love Chicken Dance, Mary. The yo-yos on her shirt are perfect, and a great idea for the 3-D challenge. I like the boots and sunbonnet quilt also. I have several roosters in my kitchen, and a rooster wall hanging is on my to-do list (as well as many other things). :-)