Monday, May 18, 2009

More Siggies

Friday and Saturday's mail brought more siggies. What fun!

Cristina from if only I could translate her note!
Anita from Belgium

And her mom, Vera

Last, but definitely not least, Carrie from North Carolina.

What a pretty group of siggies, don't you think? They all look like spring.

I managed to get another top pin basted over the weekend. Now to get it quilted. It's a big one (and also my oldest UFO/WISP), so it's going to be challenging pushing it through the machine.
Tomorrow we're off to Wichita for Tom's endocrinologist appointment. Maybe I can get a Dutch Treat block done during the 3 hour drive each way.


Crispy said...

Great blocks Mary. How many do you have so far? How long is the exchange going for?


Carrie P. said...

Yay, I see my siggie. I got yours today and it is so cute. Love the little sunbonnet sue. Thanks so much.

karenfae said...

try typing the messages into google translator and you can find out what they wrote. Nice blocks.

Connie W said...

How many have you collected so far? Do you have a particular way you plan to piece them together? They all sure are pretty.

Annelies said...

These are again beautiful siggies !