Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Siggie & Easter Pics

Yesterday I received a new siggy from Lucienne in Belgium. It has the cutest little 3-D flower.

And I had to share a couple of pics from Easter. Our little church was full to overflowing..what a joy! We normally only have about 100 people on any given Sunday and feel really good if we have a dozen kids for children's sharing. This Sunday we had approximately 175 people and look at this bunch of kids.......40 of them!!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was like this every week?

And especially for Chris at A Day In the Life of a Deputy's Wife. Here are some of the rohlicky I baked for our dinner following church. I like mine to rise into each other so they have soft sides. The traditional way (according to my mother) is to make them into crescents with sides that don't touch. My family likes them this way.
So Chris...have you tried making them and/or kolaches again?


Crispy said...

Ooo yummy looking bread, a BIG downfall for me LOL.

I bet all those kids had a wonderful time, and brought a lot of joyful noise to your little church.


Barb said...

Ohhhh the bread looks extremely good...I am so hungry right now I could eat the whole pan.

Easter does tend to bring more people out to church than normal. It is a fun site to see.

karenfae said...

bread always looks good doesn't it - no matter what kind I love fresh bread.

Deputy's Wife said...

Oh you had to go and tease me with that picture, didn't you?!?

As a matter of fact, I made a batch of kolaches this week-end. It is the fourth time I have made them and I think they get a little better each time.

I am waiting for you to come to Iowa to show me how to make rohlicky! I'm scared to try it on my own!!!

Donna said...

Oh, my that rohlicky looks delicious!

Jacquie said...

Yum yum that rohlicky looks scrumptious!! What a wonderful pic of all the kids at church. We were busting at the seams as well. We have had a baby boom the past few years and had 35-40 three and under Sunday. The crying room was not able to hold them all!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh yum--do you have a recipe to share? I can bake kolaches and kuchen!