Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Follow-up

I forgot to mention something very important about Tom when I posted on his birthday. He's a quilter too! He's made one quilt and he has a small stash..of fabric and patterns. And he stops at quilt shops even when I'm not along.

Here he is with his first (and only to date) quilt in 2006. He designed it, pieced it, and quilted it all by himself. It's called "The God's of Golf Are Watching Every Shot...and They Are Hungry Today". You really need to read the label which I've posted down below to understand the name and the quilt. He won a 2nd place in the Beginner Quilter category at our guild's show and was so proud (rightly so!)

He used coordinating fabric for the back

A double bogey!!!!!!! He says the quilting represents his erratic golf shots.

The label and story

He is also been featured in a wall hanging I made for him the same year. I found the pattern online and knew I had to make it for his Valentine's present. He loves it! I call it "Some Things Change". I used one of his discarded flannel shirts.

Close-up . I later found a label pin for sale by the pattern designer that now resides on the quilt. It says "I Do All My Own Nude Shots".

Tom showing why it's easily recognizable as him. (It's hanging at our local quilt show. That's also my "All Tangled Up" reindeer wall hanging to the right , and my "Amelia's Bouquet" just below it).

And the label on the back...........some things change!!!!!!!!!! (and I'm so glad he hasn't made a quilt demonstrating how I've changed..hope he never does!!!!!!!!!!)


Deputy's Wife said...

I love the wall hanging!

Before my mother (an avid quilter) went into the nursing home, my dad started quilting with her. He did the piecing and she hand quilted. They made quite a pair! My mom could hand quilt a queen size quilt in under a month, all by herself. And her stitches were perfect!

Not for me, I prefer sending my to the long-arm. She still scoffs a bit when she sees my quilts. LOL!

Mary L. said...

Wow, Chris..your mom sounds amazing! BTW..I can't leave comments on your blog now that you've changed and I don't have an account there.

Barb said...

Mary, I really loved your blog story today. What a talented husband you the quilts...all of them. You two are amazing.

Crispy said...

Oh Mary, Bob and I laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. We understand everything on the label for the golfing quilt. The love you two share is so obvious and inspirational.


Sherry said...

Hi I just forun your blog and loved it. I would like to know if you have or know where I can get the patteren. My father died last fathers day and I have some of his cloths. I have been thinking of what I would like to do and when I say your husband quilt that you did for him I realized this is what I would like to do. So I hopping you will be able to help me. Thanks in advance.

Sunna Reyr said...

Both Toms and yours quilts are so great and I had such a laugh when I read this post, and that last sentence is just hilarious.

Geta Grama said...

You have a talented husband, Mary !
Congratulations, Tom !

Marianne, aka Ranger Anna said...

Just saw your quilt on the Gallery. Totally love it! Can you send the name and publisher of the pattern? I so have to make one for my BIL.

All of your work is wonderful, btw.