Monday, March 23, 2009


It was a gorgeous weekend. The Bradford pear trees, forsythia, quince and daffodils are all putting on a show. The temperature was perfect and all over town people were working in their yards, barbecuing, walking, or other outdoor activities. Today it's cloudy and the wind is up a bit more than normal (it's ALWAYS windy in S.E. Kansas!). Has the look of storm weather and that's pretty normal for S.E. Kansas in the spring too.

Saturday was National Quilting Day and members from our guild gathered at a local church to work on our 2010 donation quilt and various other individual projects. I wasn't able to get there until right after lunch. I grabbed just my Featherweight and intended to help make blocks for the donation quilt. But when I plugged it in it didn't work and then we discovered the plug end was broken. Tom made a couple runs trying to get a replacement plug but couldn't find a big enough one to fit the old heavy wires of the Featherweight, so in the end my contribution was pretty much just to sit and talk...not much help there I"m afraid..probably more of a distraction.

I got two more Dutch Treat blocks done this weekend.

Ivy League


And received another siggy block..this one from Monique in Belgium is cute as can be.


Crispy said...

I had to laugh at you for not having a working machine. Whenever we have group sewing with my guild, I'm the official presser as I'm horrible with machine piecing. Being the presser leaves me lots of time to gab and make a general pest of myself LOL.


Barb said...

Love the blocks Mary

Micki said...

Your Dutch Treats are lovely. I have been checking them out. I think that I will try the project. How long have you been working on them? I see also that we are both also in the International Siggy Group. I have enjoyed that for a while now, and I have accumulated almost 100 siggies. Do you want to exchange siggies with me?
It is so nice that we met.
In Ireland