Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dutch & German Treats

Another Dutch Treat block finished last night. This one is called "Pussy Willow" and boy those little buds were tedious to work on.

And yesterday I received my second siggie..this one from Tanya in Germany. Isn't it sweet? She told me the fabric was purchased on a trip to the south of France.

Yesterday and today I've been working with the blocks made from the fabric Barb sent me. This is what I've come up with so far. I added the cream background and green border fabric. The rest is Barb's fabric and I still haven't used it all. What a great gift, huh?

I'm looking forward to my youngest son and his wife driving down from Iowa tomorrow for a short visit. My middle son and his family from Missouri will be over on Saturday also. It will be a great weekend!
Happy quilting everybody.


Crispy said...

Great little quilt you are making with Barb's fabric. From the tone of your post, I'm assuming there will be more added to it?

As usual, all your little DT blocks are so pretty.


Barb said...

I love the little quilt, you have done an awesome job, I am thrilled that you were able to do that with that fabric, you are amazing. Love your other blocks as are one busy lady.

karenfae said...

you always do such great work. Those little pussy willows would have driven me nuts.

Annelies said...

It is good to see that you got a siggy from Tanja !