Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catching Up.

The week is more than half over already! Hard to believe how quickly the days pass sometimes. Nothing too exciting going on.

Pie baking Tuesday night.

Eye appointment yesterday morning to get the measurements for my implanted lens. First surgery on my left eye a week from today.

Chicken and noodle dinner at church yesterday.

My hoya plant is blooming again. I think I have 5 large blooms this time. Here are two with one still in the process of opening.

Mailed off four more siggy blocks this week.
And received two............... This one from Sara in Washington state.
And this from Marjo in The Netherlands.
Finished another Dutch Treat block..."Dancing Daisies".

And playing around with a possible new project..

That is how the one day melts into another around here. Spring has arrived and it's BEAUTIFUL weather


Crispy said...

Ooooo a new project!!! Tell us more!!!!


PS - Love the daisy block and nothing is blooming here....yet.

Barb said...

As usua you have made some really awesome blocks.