Thursday, February 5, 2009


Progress on another front today. I've made 24 of the needed 60 signature blocks for the international swap hosted by Cootiebug. I have lots of time to get them done, but would like to do them early and then not worry about a deadline.

I probably don't have as much contrast between fabrics as I should. But of course I used sunflower fabric. Maybe I'll try for more contrast with the next batch.

Cootiebug is taking names for a second swap group, so if you're tempted be sure and go over to her blog and sign up.


sheddy said...

Love your siggie. I'm in the swap too. What kind of pen did you use for the signature?

Mary L. said...

Hi Sheddy..I tried to email a reply but couldn't. I used a Micron .oo5 for the flower sketch and a Sharpie for the writing. I just can't write well with the superfine Pigma.