Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Year In Review

Happy New Year!!! We went out for supper last night and I had some scrumptious lobster ravioli at Napolis. Then came home and fell asleep in the recliner about 9:00. Guess that is a definite sign of getting old, huh?

What did I accomplish this year? Well in 2007 I completed 24 quilts (17 given away) , 66 wallhangings, runners, miniatures, etc. (41 given away), made 2 unquilted tops, and quilted 6 projects for other people. Keep in mind I don't have a longarm. I quilt on my Juki sitting down at a table.

2008 wasn't nearly as productive at least in number of finished projects anyway. Here is what I got done last year:

11 quilts completed
5 of which were tops made or partially made in previous years.
4 were given away as gifts

Bouquet of Roses
A BOM started on Block Central in 2006 and the top pieced in 2007
I finished it with additional blocks of my choosing
Quilted Jan 2008

A Civil War Legacy

Kaye England pattern used as a BOM by my guild in 2005
Quilted Jan 2008

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Started in July 2006 as a group challenge. A few blocks made and then set aside.

Started again Nov 2007 and finished piecing Jan 2008.

Quilted Feb 2008

Nine-Patch Nirvana

A Block Central BOM 2006

Quilted Feb 2008

Tom's T-Shirt Quilt

Not counting this in the total since it was supposedly finished Dec 2007.
But when I pulled out my own T-shirt quilt to work on I discovered a row that
belonged on Tom's that had been missed. So I added it March 2008

Mary's T-Shirt Quilt

Quilted March 2008

Playin' With My Friends

A BOM I pattern tested for my friend Cynthia

Pieced & Quilted March 2008

Hidden Stars--Jeff & Deb's Wedding Quilt

Pieced & Quilted April -May 2008

Jaylee's Disappearing Nine Patch
Pieced & Quilted July 2008

Bryce's Train Quilt
Pieced & Quilted Aug 2008

Ashley & Bart's Wedding Stars
Pieced & Quilted Sept 2008

Christmas Shaded Four Patch

Pieced & Quilted Oct-Nov 2008

1 top quilted for my friend, Cindy

2 tops made, not quilted

Amish Dahlia

being hand quilted by the quilters at our church.

Martha Washington Star

2008 BOM for our guild

I won the blocks the month we used 30's fabrics

30 wallhangings, tablerunners & other small quilted items

16 given as gifts and 1 sold

All of my 2008 completed projects can be seen here.

It's obvious that my output of finished quilts slowed down in the second half of the year. That's mainly attributable the fact I started both the Dear Jane and Dutch Treat quilts in April. I'm ending the year with

140 DJ and 85 DT blocks made

You can see them all on the links above.

My goals for next year are to

Finish piecing my Dear Jane & Dutch Treat blocks.
Quilt both of them.

Quilt the tops listed as UFO's on my sidebar
Continue to work from my stash as much as possible

I think those are reasonable goals..hopefully I'll accomplish more.

What are you goals for 2009?


karenfae said...

Wow - you accomplished a whole heck of a lot!!!

Donna said...

Wow, Mary, you did a lot in 2008. I need to get my goals organized for 2009. One thing I do know I want to do is use a whole lot more of my stash!

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Hi mary, you did get a lot done. Beautiful pictures too, thanks for sharing. Have a happy new year.