Saturday, December 6, 2008


I've been posting a lot of non-quilt related things..but I've been quilting and sewing right along. Remember the 10 tablerunners I pieced last week? Well they are now all quilted and bound with only three or four still needing labeled so I can truly say all 10 are complete. What am I going to do with them all? Not entirely sure..mostly presents no doubt...we'll see. It feels good to have used nearly 15 yds of stash. In the past I probably would have thought "more room for NEW fabric". But given the economy and what's happening to retirement accounts, I'm going to seriously try to get through another year in which I primarily use from my stash and limit the fabric buying to the three "B's". .. backing, background and borders. Actually I've done really well the last couple of years. And it's rather a fun challenge to let your stash speak to you.

So here are the runners. Most are quilted with metallic threads.

And I made four colorful pillowcases yesterday and today.
Now that's not too bad for a week and a half, is it?


karenfae said...

I think you have accomplished a lot in a week and a half Mary! I'm with you on trying to not buy a lot of fabric this coming year - I'm going to try to use up some stash also and just get for the backing and background.

deputyswife said...

Wow! That is quite the accomplishment! That would have taken me a good two months. They all look beautiful!

Mishka said...


Your runners are gorgeous!! I love the pattern/design.

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