Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Past Part II

I started thinking last night how strange it must seem to today's parents to hear me admit how few pictures I have of my children growing up. Must make me sound really uncaring, huh? Today almost everyone has a digital camera and after that purchase taking pictures not only doesn't have to involve further expense (a few batteries now and then) but gives instant gratification.

Even when I got to the point I could afford to take lots of pictures, I've just never been the kind of person that thinks "hey I have to get a picture of this". I guess I'm too busy enjoying the moment. So instead I'm the type of person who, a week later, says "I wish I'd thought to take a picture of that".

Now as you all know by now I take LOTS of pictures of my quilts and craft projects. And I used to take LOTS of pictures of my flower gardens. Do I wish I had taken more pictures of my family? You bet. But am I likely to turn into someone who is constantly looking for photo opportunities in the midst of a family gathering. Probably not. But I have those memories in my heart and that's the most important place.

That said...a few pictures of the grandkids as they grew up.

For a few years we were fortunate to have two granddaughters living close by and every year Ashley and Caitlin helped Grandma decorate the tree Thanksgiving evening.


Only twice in the last 24 years have we been lucky enough to have Christmas with all of the grandkids at once. Not at all like the Christmases I remember as the oldest of 23 grandkids who all gathered at Grandpa and Grandma's house (where I was raised).

This was 1992 before Martin joined our family.

Caitlin, Ashley, Kelley & Greg with Grandpa & Grandma


The year all of the grandkids got sweaters I crocheted. The girls also got Blossom hats.
Caitlin Ashley

Same year I also crocheted "Monkey Huggers" for the five grandkids. The hands attach with Velcro so they could wrap them around their body and get a hug from Grandma when she couldn't be with them. I was really tired of crocheting monkeys by the fifth one!

While I'm showing crocheted things, these are a couple of my favorites that always go under my Christmas tree (that is when I put one up..not this year since we won't be home). I had a pattern book with five or six angels in different poses, each with an animal angel posed the same way. This is the cow set. Isn't it cute?

In 1996 I was busy making crocheted bunnys using these patterns and everybody got one for Christmas. They were really cute..Mexican bandito, belly dancers, roller skater, etc. I'll show pictures another time. Those prompted the boys to ask me if I could make one dressed like their favorite basket ball players (Alonzo Mourning and Michael Jordan). Instead I just created my own pattern (didn't think Alonzo or Michael should be bunnies) and this is what I came up with. In hindsight I should either have found some dark fiberfill, used a smaller hook or not stuffed so firmly as the white fiberfill shows through. And how was I to know Alonzo would be traded before I got these finished?

Same year, one of the daughter-in-laws was into Mickey and Minnie Mouse and all things Disney. She found these shoes at a yard sale and sent them to me asking for a bunny dressed as Minnie Mouse. Again, I just made my own pattern and tried to depict Minnie herself. Same issue with the fiberfill.

1997..the one and only Christmas we've had all five grandkids together at once.

Caitlin, Martin, Greg, Ashley, Kelley

Christmas Eve and Grandpa tells the Christmas story in front of the fire. He even has his own franincense and myrrh.

A few days later, the older girls and I had a baking day before Kelley had to fly home to Massachusetts.

Ashley with her cinnamon rolls

Kelley & Ashley proud of their accomplishments

Ashley & Kelley icing cinnamon rolls

And then we come to last year . Our baby Caitlin all grown up with a fiance.

Ashley, Bart and the two great-grandsons

Great-grandsons Maison and Jeramiah

Grandpa Mark gets to have all the fun now!

And another generation makes us smile.


Donna said...

Nice to see all the pics, Mary. We do store up lots of precious memories through the years, don't we?

Donna said...

Mary, I meant to also comment on all the cute crocheted items. They are all just great.