Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dutch Treat

Two more Dutch Treat blocks finished today.


Oh, those little seeds weren't fun!


karenfae said...

I didn't think they were fun either! I made this one awhile ago as I have been going in the order they are in the book - I find those tiny areas hard to do neat!! One day I will get back to this one but for now it is waiting for me to look at it again :)

Elly D said...

Another lovely block . I can't see Carincroft for some reason the picture isn't showing on my screne, but the web has been sluggish today. I'll try again tomorrow...
One of these days I'll get a start on my Dutch Treat.
all the best for the New Year.. Elly

Barb said...

Those are really it applique? Needle turn? Or just stitched down?

Mary L. said...

Yes, they are reverse applique..needleturn. The blocks finish at 4 ".