Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Doll Makes An Appearance

I've had a productive day so far. Stirred up the dough for two types of bread and sewed three more Dear Jane blocks. All rotary cut and machine pieced today.

K-1 Crooked Creek

G-2 Mohawk Trail
Rotary cut and machine pieced

H-10 Ben's Bowtie
I did a lousy job of cropping the pic.
The quarter squares aren't chopped off in the actual block

Now...remember my story about the doll that I received three different Christmases? Look what I found..a picture with the doll in it. It was her blond year and she had a white "wedding dress". But who is holding her..not me. That's my cousin Phyllis in front with my doll sitting in my rocking chair. I'm on the left and my sister Judy on the right. Don't you just love that wallpaper? Grandma's Christmas cactus is in the picture too. Good memories.

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