Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Jane, It's Cold Outside!'s cold. Maybe not as cold as it is back home in Iowa...but it's pretty dang cold for S.E. Kansas. It was near zero this morning and only 18º when we left for church. The wind chill was making it feel like about 10º below. Currently it is 9º. That's plenty cold enough for me. After 22 years down here my blood has gotten too thin for this kind of deep freeze. At least we don't have 8" of snow like Jeff and Deb up in Iowa.

Looking at the forecast for the week we may get some freezing rain on Tuesday and a "light wintery mix" on Christmas day when we'll be driving over to Aurora. Since Tom drives 40 miles each way to work the days he is in the office, freezing rain is not a welcome thought.

At least I was able to spend time working on Dear Jane blocks this afternoon. Four more done....41 to go. I really like a couple of these. And I'm so happy that Anina is once again able to post blocks for us.

K-4 Thea's Turn
This went together so quickly and nicely. Paper-pieced.
A whole quilt from this block would be nice.

K-6 Ann's Folly
Another pretty easy block..rotary cut & pieced.
J-9 Maury High School
Some more of Jane's teeny little melons to applique.

J-3 Rick's Volleyball Net
Wouldn't this make a pretty quilt with just this one block?

I appliqued the center piece, then rotary cut and pieced the outsides.


Geta Grama said...

Wow, these block are so complex ! I think you will make a quilt as beautiful as Silvia's Bridal Sample.

karenfae said...

You have been busy! I have not touched my Dear Jane in at least a month I bet. I will get back to it I always do, just clearing up some other projects. I woke up to 11 degrees this morning and I am at least 4 if not 5 hours south of you in central Arkansas -- I like you am no longer use to this kind of cold!

Mama Koch said...

It's cold here in W Okla too.

Your block are pretty. I'm NOT starting that..I'm NOT starting that...I'm NOT starting that....

Mary L. said...

Aw come on, Mama know you want too! It would make a great wedding quilt for Rachel some day!