Monday, November 24, 2008

A Season of Weddings-Part One

In late September we traveled home (for me) to Iowa to celebrate the marriage of our youngest son, Jeff, and his bride, Deb. It was an extremely low key wedding..they'd both done it this time it was "just get the job done and have a party". So the ceremony was held in the bride's brother's garage believe it or not. Recognize that his garage is nicer than some homes I've lived in.

I didn't get a lot of formal pictures..actually I didn't get ANY formal pictures. The wedding cake topper was fun..check it out.

Jeff has long admired a quilt I made a few years ago based on one my grandmother made so the quilt I made for their wedding was similar.

Grandma's quilt, 1982

My quilt "Remembering Grandma" made 2006

Jeff & Deb's Quilt, 2008. This time I swapped plain squares for the four patches, which changed the look quite a bit. I call this version "Hidden Stars".

Jeff also gained two young God-children and I decided they needed quilts too. Bryce is really into trains so his quilt was an easy choice. Jaylee got a soft blue and yellow Disappearing Nine Patch.

Wish they all lived closer and not 7 hours away!

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deputyswife said...

Hi Mary, I got your link from another quilter a few weeks ago. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your kids and their quilts! I have really enjoyed your blog.

When I came across your set of pictures of your youngest son, I about fell off my chair. Your daughter-in-law works with my husband. As you can tell by my screen name (Deputy's Wife) you know what my husband does... I see your son and daughter-in-law frequently (usually at the grocery store).

What a small world!