Saturday, November 22, 2008

Play-off Saturday

I'm not a football fan..not even close. But it's impossible to live where I do without catching Gorilla fever. Pittsburg State University has the winningest all-time NCAA division II program. They have qualified for the national play-offs 17 of the last 19 years. They have recorded only 21 losing seasons in their 95 year history.

Today is round two of the play-offs and the number 3 seed Gorillas are playing number 2 seed Northwest Missouri State in Marysville, MO. It's 20 minutes into the game and NW is ahead by 7. I'm sure the stadium is packed with Gorilla fans capable of urging the team to change the situation. ( I write the Gorilla's came through and it's now 7-7).

On another note, my trusty "Christmas" cactus is once again performing as a "Thanksgiving" cactus. Actually I have four of them that have changed to blooming sometime between the end of October and about the first week in December. A fifth is growing but hasn't reach blooming size yet. It's a slip a cousin gave me from an ancient mother plant that belonged to her grandmother. I used to believe I had to put my cactus outside during the summer, keep them in the shade and only lightly watered in order to get them to set buds. But I didn't get that done about three years ago and they bloomed anyway. So now I leave them in the house all year long. I guess we aren't in the kichen, where they reside, very much in the evening so they still get their requisite hours of darkness. Here's the one currently blooming:

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