Thursday, November 27, 2008


No, I'm not returning to school..nonetheless it's been a day of ABC's.

I started off the morning making yet another table runner..this one with Apples...

Finished a sample Block for our guild's 2009 BOM..this one will be January's ...Bees in the Barnyard

Even though we're having pretty much a deli supper since it's only Tom and I, we had to have homemade I made Butter Semmels and formed half the dough into Crescents.

And I discovered this morning that the reason our grandson hadn't received the cookies I shipped him on November 8, just might be because this senile grandmother sent the box to his old Iraqi address instead of Afghanistan. When I printed the online shipping label I cut and pasted from my OE address book, which had never been changed after he returned from Iraq a year and a half ago ....duh.............So that would explain why they haven't made it to Afghanistan.

Nothing I could do now except spend the afternoon Baking more Cookies......

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JudyL said...

Do you have a recipe for those Butter Semmels? They look yummy! Thanks!