Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catching Up

It's been been a few months since I last posted, but trust me, you haven't missed out on much.  And the pictures I have to share are barely more than updates to the ones I shared 3 months ago. Sad.

 I've been SLOWLY working on my hexie English paper piecing project.  I'm almost ready to add one more large diamond section to this.

I gave in and did something I thought I'd  never do.  I sent two of my biggest pieced tops out to be long arm quilted.   Between my breathing problems and a really bad shoulder I just didn't see myself getting these done myself on a domestic sit down machine. 

So while I still find it hard to shake the feeling I've somehow "cheated" in calling these "my quilts", they are finally out of the UFO stack (and I have the unquilted tops down to THREE..WOW!). 

It's hard to get a good picture when quilts are this big and these were taken before either were bound.  Perhaps I'll get a chance to hang them and take better pictures later.

This stack 'n whack was made in 2009 after a workshop by a fellow quild member.  I told you earlier that it was outside my comfort zone colorwise, but Tom loves it so I told him it is his 25th anniversary present.  We are calling it "The Big Bang".

This is the Threadhead Quiltalong that I made last year.

I did manage to quilt the sofa sized top for my mother-in-law.  We'll give it to her on her 90th birthday next Saturday in Colorado.

I love the Vera Bradly fabric I found in my stash for the border and backing.

That's it quilting life has become pretty boring.  A fourth Dutch
Treat keeps calling my name!